MiCasa will have it all on one website!

Published on 01/07/2014

With the collaboration of some of the most talented minds within the business, MiCasa brought together the creation of this new website. First was the ability to walk into our stylist AID Office, than was the opportunity to visit our fabulous showroom…it was only a natural progression to complete the full experience with a website that gave customers access to our extensive library of products.

From Lighting to Mirrors to Sofas to Cabinets…MiCasa will have it all on one website. 

Our aim was to create a different experience seen between the synergy of high street shops and there online presence. We wanted to bring together the connection between walking into our showroom and seeing the lovely furniture and then spending luxury alone time online reviewing the products, or to see them online first and then to come in to discuss further.

We decided the best way to offer the total experience was to offer a ‘my quotation’ platform which allowed the new website to work as a library which offers a wealth of information. By saving a list of items and sending the list to us here at MiCasa, we can have a clear discussion about the products you love.

So sit back, relax and start enjoying our new website with Top brands from across the world, and tips on how to make your house a home.


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